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      We are excited that you have chosen Montessori Live Educator Training Program (Montessori Live) as your training program of choice. Montessori Live provides a one-of-a-kind video library and training program for Montessori teacher education. We believe that we are the most advanced Montessori distance education provider available today! We offer MACTE accredited blended Elementary I and II certification programs. We also offer professional development programs of study in Early Childhood Teaching and Montessori Leadership as well. Most of our courses are available for professional development. 

      Montessori Live serves the global community as an institution that provides affordable and reasonable access to education on methodologies and best practices developed from Dr. Maria Montessori’s educational theories. It is through the commitment of our faculty and student educators that more children will benefit from humanist and constructivist education.

      Training Montessori educators via distance is a new model with many exciting possibilities. Research has shown that it is not the medium, but the instructional methodology that makes the difference. As we pioneer this model of instruction, our experience will support the growth and sustainability of the Montessori community around the world. Montessori Live began as a subsidiary of Island Village Montessori School, a public non-profit charter school, founded in 2001, and located in Sarasota County, Florida, USA. Montessori Live is now a registered corporation individual of Island Village.

      The future of Montessori Live is to assist the Montessori global community in providing multiple avenues for Montessori certification, undergraduate degrees, alternative certification for Montessori educators in the public sector, and professional development credit for current Montessori educators.

      Our website, Twitter, Facebook, and newsletter will keep you current with regard to our progress. We look forward to a successful future together!

      Kym Elder, Ed.D

      Project Founder and Developer


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    Campus Cafe registration system can be accessed from our homepage www.montessorilive.org, select 'STUDENTS' menu, 'enroll in classes.

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    It is important that you watch this video so that you understand the basics of our online program.

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